a guide 

Our approach to practicing yoga can have a great influence on the depth and range of benefits we receive. Here are three ways to get the most out of your practice.

1. Connect with what you want.
What are you seeking to cultivate for yourself through yoga? Take time to reflect on your intention for class. It will determine not only what you practice, but how you practice.

2. Commit to being present.
If you have carved out time in your day for your practice, that time is important. Don't worry about the person on the mat next to you or what you have to do after class. Make this time count! Enjoy the here and now by becoming aware of your breath and the sensations you feel in your body.


3. Embrace and respect your unique physiology.
Acceptance goes a long way. When we give ourselves permission to let go and accept our bodies as they are, we can begin to appreciate them on a whole new level and go much deeper in our practice. Get to know your body and nourish your relationship to it!

Yoga teachers don't have x-ray vision. As a general guideline, if you ever feel sharp pain, honour your body and come out of the pose. Sharp pain is a sign that your body is near or in the process of damaging tissues. Pay attention to the sensations that you feel in each pose so that your practice can serve you and not the other way around! Get to know your own body so that you can be your own best guide. 

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