Yin Yoga Interview for Crystal Carnival Magazine

Over the summer, Jessica Dameron asked me to do an interview for Crystal Carnival to talk about the Yin Yoga practice and why it seems to be gaining in popularity. Here is an excerpt: 

Anyone who has ever gone to a yoga studio can relate to realizing that the word yoga encapsulates many, many different styles.  Although the word yoga is used very loosely, more experienced yogis and yoginis are more likely to ask what type of yoga you practice.  Something I was intrigued to learn is that the broad yoga spectrum spans from more “yang” forms of yoga to more “yin” forms of yoga. So, what is yang and what is yin? 

What I have noticed about Yin Yoga is how much you are encouraged to adapt the practice to suit your body. There is an overarching attitude of acceptance that seems much needed in today’s society. Not surprisingly, Yin Yoga is becoming more and more popular in the yoga world, and Crystal Carnival was lucky enough to have an interview with Yin Yoga instructor Jo Ishiguro, who teaches in Paris.

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