Whether you are looking to create a weekly yoga ritual, or simply appreciate the occasional focused attention in a more intimate setting than a public, drop-in style class, I would be happy to help you: 

• work toward specific strength building goals
• identify what's stopping you in a yoga pose
• safely improve your range of motion
• develop a meditation practice
• feel more confident in a public yoga class
• modify postures for specific health concerns or injuries
• learn the foundations to build your own self-practice
• connect more deeply to your natural breath
• identify and release tension
• enjoy a personalized class that fits your schedule

Book some quality time just for you, or invite a few friends and create your own small group yoga class!


When timelines are tight and pressure to perform in the office is high, we can spent countless hours sitting, often with poor posture and negative breathing habits. All of this sitting, shallow breathing and work-related stress can take a great toll on our health. 

Organizing a regular yoga class for you and your colleagues is a fun way to infuse the team with fresh, positive energy! It can help to reduce stress, restore balance, improve concentration, and contribute to everyone's physical, mental and emotional health. 


Let's chat about your personal or group yoga needs. Contact me directly to set up a call: