What Is Vinyasa Yoga? 

The term “vinyasa” has many meanings. It is most commonly used to describe a dynamic style of yoga where there is a flow from one posture to the next and each movement is synchronized with the breath. 

As a “breathing movement system”, the alignment of breath and movement is fundamental to the practice. In Sanskrit, vinyasa is literally translated to mean “to place in a special way”. There is logic behind how the postures are placed within the sequence so there is a natural progression from one posture to the next. 


Here are some of the many benefits of developing a regular Vinyasa practice: 

· experience the calm centering quality of your breath
· build internal heat to detox and cleanse
· improve cardiovascular and muscle stamina
· build and maintain core strength
· stimulate the flow of energy in the body
· improve mental clarity and focus


A Vinyasa class makes me feel alive!  The more time I spend plugged in, sitting and starring at a screen, the more I can feel stuck in my mind, detached from my body and from the rhythm of my breath.  When I get on my mat, I allow the noise in my mind to fade into the background by focusing my awareness on my breath. The breath acts as an anchor, allowing me to find that still place amidst the flowing movement. As I twist, stretch and compress tissues, I connect with the simply joy of moving my body. 

Vinyasa can be an experience of “mediation in motion”. After practice, I feel energized, refreshed and renewed!


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