Yin Yoga is a quiet, yet powerful practice where we hold postures for an average of 4 to 7 minutes.  In this style of yoga, we allow the muscles to be cool and relaxed so that the stress of each posture can go deeper than the superficial muscle tissue, providing exercise for our “yin” tissues: the deep fascia, ligaments, joint capsules and even our bones. These longer holds present a new challenge: embracing stillness and exploring what it means to let go and surrender. 


Yin Yoga provides a long list of physiological, energetic, mental and emotional benefits. Among other things, it can help you to: 

· safely improve your range of motion and flexibility 
· stimulate the meridian lines and nourish your organs
· strengthen the health of your cartilage and bones
· calm the nervous system and reduce stress
· develop a heightened awareness of your body
· experience a more meditative practice


Yin Yoga reminds me that the simplest poses often bring us the most benefit. The practice has opened up a whole new world for me, one where I value balance, harmony and the middle path. Yin Yoga has helped me understand the power of acceptance and surrender.  I have been able to dive deep into the experience of my body, to investigate and release stored emotions and other types of tension. We may not realize how much toxic energy or stress we are holding on to until we let it go.


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